SAFINDA’S English Activities with MS 88

Written by Mastering System (MS) 88

MS 88 with SAFINDA’s Teachers

We are MS 88 from BEC Pare collaborate to innovate with SAFINDA Surabaya

Every Saturday, SAFINDA’s students always hold an activity called “SAFINDA English Revolutionist weekly meeting” with MS 88. The activity is an English speech for 5 minutes in front of the students, with an English area, this is in line with our motto “we create a revolution to reach the improvement” with the goal of the students will have great confidence, increasing the ability to speak English, add experience because they can speech by using English.

Ayu Marifatu as the best speaker

MS.88 always gives notebook, keychain and certificate for whom will be the best speaker on Weekly Meeting to appreciate their hard work.

Morning Speaking with MS 88

Every morning on Monday to Saturday, SAFINDA’s students always do Morning Speaking with MS 88 after praying subuh in 40 minutes to increase their ability. Usually MS 88 will give different lessons every morning, like describing picture, profession, story telling, talking about the past, dream and others. Every Friday MS 88 always does speaking test and the student must speak in 2 minutes in front of their friends on Friday. The goals are to make them speak up by using English, talking without thinking, confidence in front of audience, and to add some daily vocabularies.

MS 88 teaches the students

Every Monday to Wednesday start from 11.00 a.m to 11.40 a.m, MS 88 always teaches the students about English, if in the morning focus on speaking, so in this class MS 88 will focus on grammar. So the students are not only good in speaking English but also good in grammar.

May Allah S.W.T gives us easiness to study and understand English well for the better future, Aamiin.